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When we looked up to the Shape of God’s hand, we thought of some abstract feelings associated with it- A Supernatural power, self-confidence, inner belief, and the blessing of the supreme. Due to this power, we are able to take the vision of Varatan forward. It is believed that, whenever we see the ‘Hand of God’ we get reminded of positivity which connects with our inner strengths. 

That is why we believe in Rumi’s statement which says- “The source is within you and the whole world is springing from it.”

We have kept the spirit of the design and the shape foremost and designed each piece to have intimacy and personal touch to it. Whoever sees it or touches it will feel these emotions flowing in them. The divine space of each piece is filled with different thought-provoking compositions that adds an emotion to it. Each piece of VaratAn tells a meaningful story.

Each composition helps to look at the values; the motivation and self-awareness, igniting the fire and helping it stay charged, just for the sake of feeling it. The eye in every creation subtly reminds us of our immense wisdom within. The whole collection of Varatan has been uniquely designed.

In this luxury art form, the stones are painstakingly inlaid by highly skilled craftsmen, combining creativity to create magnificent pieces for future generations to inherit.