Man Meditating

An uninterrupted flow of energy, with each breath to each chakra– maintains the physical health of each organ, that it is connected to. Every chakra is also connected to certain emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Hence with each inhalation vitality flows, making our organs stronger, dispelling thoughts of fear, anger insecurity, while we feel self-empowered, limitless and One with the Universe.

The third eye and crown chakra are beyond physical elements. The earth element is associated with the root chakra, which helps us feel secure and positive- while the energy rises through the other 6 chakras in its harmonious rhythmic wave! The water element makes us more sensitive, intuitive, and adaptive to change, hence the enjoyment of the flow of life is associated with the sacral chakra. The solar plexus chakra is associated with the fire element that creates confidence, energy and power to lead.

Opening the heart chakra connects with the air element and fosters confidence, compassion and forgiveness, hence feeling lighter and carefree. The throat chakra corresponds to the element ether in the form of the sky. A balance in this chakra helps to express without over speaking. Like vastness and endlessness, you expand yourself in all directions with each breath.

Bees & Bamboos

A bee sitting on a flower represents love and pollination, germination of new thoughts and ideas – a healthy mental state as you feel ecstatic and rewarded!

Mixed together, the energy from the rays of the Sun, nectar, and pollen of beautiful flowers, this master of miracles give us warm golden drops of honey. May you always be showered with wisdom, prosperity and playfulness like these golden drops!

As a symbol of persistence, industry, teamwork and fruitfulness, the Bee will kindle all these energies in your life. While they work tirelessly, they also “stop and smell the roses”.

Bees and bamboo together create powerful energy and attract abundance forever!


Blessing everyone, with her kindness, compassion, and patience, the Goddess of Learning – Saraswati inspires the right, thinking and connects the Supreme knowledge with Reality.

Sitting on the Lotus, which is the symbol of purity, with her Veena, she inspires us to tune the mind and intellect to be in perfect harmony. The dancing peacock creates rhythm and energy while inspiring the knowledge of the head to connect with the love in the heart.

We are forever enchanted and in awe of her benevolence.


The Mandala is a Rose Cross. While signifying and reaching out in the four directions, it is the constant central point behind the rose. This anchors the spirit in the physical world.

The Rose manifests selfless and pure love, compassion and spiritual awareness. The Cross gives support to the Rose, whose flowering transcends in perfect balance with each other. The more we gaze at the unfolding petals, the more we are reminded of our tremendous and deep potentiality of the love and compassion. We feel the warm brightness of it all unfolding within! We let go of what is holding us back and the compassion guides us towards new possibilities and thoughts.

Mother & Child

A bond that can never grow old. The child can outgrow the mother’s lap but can never outgrow her heart! A mother loves her child before it was even born! She then realizes how deep her love is, until her child calls her- ‘Mommy’.

The day the child comes into her life, she knows what her purpose was. Her purpose was to LOVE, to PROTECT the child with everything she has, with everything the child needs. “Of course she believes in love at first sight, she’s a MOM”


Devi Tara is one of the oldest known Goddesses and is worshipped extensively. As the Great Wisdom Goddess’ she blesses us with a long life of peace and compassion!

As ‘Shakti’ she guides our sub-conscious to overcome obstacles and protects and saves us from physical and spiritual dangers. Tara Devi represents the virtue of success in work and achievements!

While we strive for all the wisdom we can, we must put our faith in simple ‘bhakti’ and trust in Devi’s infinite love for us!

Every positive thought is a silent prayer.

World Tree

The canopy of the World Tree is vast- stretching over day and night. The fruits- love, compassion, peace and self-awareness, are the blessings and benevolence of the Divine!

Once we taste these fruits and let its nectar flow through the channels of our spirit, we tap on the right knowledge to fulfil our true destiny. We go beyond our humble origins and ascend to Heavenly Bliss!


Goddess Lakshmi is also known as the Goddess of Wealth. She blesses us with wealth, prosperity, and an abundance. Three elements of the piece, “The Mangal Kalash”, “Shakh”, and the “Thakra” remind us of the bountiful energies within, which once tapped, turn into strong forces of love, passion, and generosity. Everything around us looks prosperous and brimming with happiness. Goddess Lakshmi emerges from the sun. Similarly, just like droplets of honey, the rays of the sun light up our paths, giving us everlasting energy, while the white elephants pour pure nectar to quench our thirst for knowledge!


One can be lifted on a rearing whitecap or borne on a wave of creative inspiration and be carried to the destination which is the shore of exhilaration. Just like that, the entire ecosystem when untouched by sunlight is like accumulated experiences that flourish in our psyche that we are unaware of.

While we talk about the sea, we know that bioluminescent creatures and plants are the ones that light up a dark mystic night sea. Similarly, our glittering intuitive living lights help us reach the depth of our mind.

Just like the bioluminescent creatures, there is another creature of the sea called the Dolphin. Dolphins have the ability to tune in to our energy fields and alter our frequency to restore the balance.

All the creatures of the sea, including the sea shells have a meaning to them. The sea shells are ancient symbols of renewal and rebirth,

The sea-horse symbolises patience and determination, wonder and mystery- like the life force within the cosmos. From our centre of creation we can unfold endless energies just like the octopus.

Thus, we totally agree to Kate Chopin’s thought- “The voice of the Sea speaks to the Soul.”

Sun Lotus

Just like sundials are nothing without sunlight, we’re nothing without self-knowledge. The central spiral of the sundial can be seen in both the ways. First, where one goes deep into one’s own consciousness and focuses on a tiny dot and second, which is exterior, where we tend to reach out to the infinite.

As we all know, the sun is the prime source of energy that drives all the earthly beings to connect to the physical power of self-awareness. It enlightens the force within us to achieve peace amidst the chaos.

It is just like the roots deep into the mud of a lake where a beautiful lotus stands tall and radiant; where a soul rises from confusion of mind to enlightenment.


“Love is like a butterfly: It goes where it pleases, and pleases wherever it goes.”

We all know the story of a caterpillar. We are aware that a caterpillar trusts the unknown to guide him, spends time in the cocoon, nurturing and meditating peacefully, while connecting with its soul and the force within!

It believes in change and transformation. When the meditation ends, out emerges the butterfly, to embrace an entire new way of living and representing endurance, hope, grace and tenderness. As tender as it may look it can glide through a storm, letting go of the fear of what is holding it back. It lets itself radiate all the charm and enchantment. Taking our breath away, fitting and bouncing from one exquisite flower to another is the magic of believing!

“Life is a balance of holding on and letting go”


“We are shaped by our thoughts;

we become what we think.

When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”

– Gautam Buddha


Interdependent origination exists amongst everything on the earth…best explained as ‘Unity in Duality’. The hexagram takes shape by overlapping pairs of interlocking triangles, representing the various elements that work in co-existence with each other. The triangle pointing upwards is masculine…symbolizes FIRE. The triangle pointing downwards is feminine…indicates WATER. The base of the downward triangle crosses through the upper triangle…signifies AIR. At the bottom of the triangles are the horizontal bars, representing the base…Earth. As you can see the mandala contains all four elements. You are absorbing all the elements…channelizing & working in union of all creation.

Floating Lotus

Growing amidst the mud, it remains unstained…surrounded by ripples of water, it will go untouched & remain the same… Surrounded by turbulent water, the spirit is unstirred… The circle of calm water stands unperturbed even if there are undulations of water broadly covered!

The divine beauty of the swirling ocean…on which the lotus positions itself… calm & composed…reflects the scary night above, the vastness of the universe…The lotus, a symbol of pure spirit at the heart of the mandala, with the exhibition of the symbol ‘Yin yang’ at the center… The embracement of existence of the complimentary opposites!


This powerful energy helps us overcome misery and evil by destroying the negatives of arrogance, jealousy, hatred, anger and greed.

The symbolism of the “TRISHUL” is to face the challenges of life courageously, while the resonating sound of the “SHANKH” reminds us to be cheerful and happy in whatever we do!