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    Considering the shape of God’s hand as its primary characteristic, we know that VaratAn is a blessing that reminds us of positivity.

    We have kept the spirit of the design and the shape foremost and designed each piece to have intimacy and personal touch to it. Whoever sees it or touches it will feel these emotions flowing in them.

    Inlay art, also known as Parchin Kari, is the most sumptuous expression found in the Taj Mahal. In Mughal India, pietra dura was known as Parchin Kari or inlay work. Shah Jahan favoured this art so much that he incorporated this art in Taj Mahal, Red Fort, and many other places.

    Yes, each stone has some powers of its own. The stones used to  create these art pieces are of extremely high quality.

    Each colour has its own meaning. It also has its effects, which is why we have used theme and concept specific colours.