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welcome to varatan

Artistry Unleashed, Stories in Every Stroke

Welcome to Varatan, a realm where art intertwines with the sublime, guided by the visionary hands of Archana Mittal. Varatan is more than a collection; it’s an embodiment of self-confidence and the inner comforting belief that emanates from the blessings of the supreme. Inspired by the timeless symbol representing God’s hand of blessing, each creation reflects a profound connection with our inner strengths, where positivity springs forth from within.


A tale of raw, unfiltered beauty

Archana Mittal's Tale of Varatan

From Within

In the cherished space of Archana Mittal's artisanal realm, a profound narrative unfolds—Varatan, a manifestation of her artistic soul. This is more than a brand; it's a legacy, conceived in the allure of the Hand of God, a shape that captivates her essence.

Varatan, or 'The Blessing,' embodies an identity she yearned to create—objects d'art transcending time, resonating intimately with each observer. In the hands of future generations, these masterpieces are destined to become cherished heirlooms. Archana's creations are a silent symphony, evoking emotions without words, forging personal connections with anyone who beholds them. With your esteemed galleries, Archana envisions Varatan as a niche in the art world, where each piece whispers a tale of raw, unfiltered beauty—a testament to her journey, awaiting discovery in the hearts of connoisseurs worldwide.

Varatan’s pieces are more than art; they’re emotional touchpoints. Each creation is a testament to the skilled craftsmanship and thoughtfulness that went into its making. I’m proud to own a piece that reflects my inner strength and beauty.

Priya. S


Varatan doesn’t just sell sculptures; they share experiences. My ‘Tridevi’ piece is a constant source of inspiration and a conversation starter. The craftsmanship is exceptional, making it a true work of art and a cherished addition to my home.

Ananya. G


From the moment I laid eyes on ‘World Tree,’ I knew I had to have it. The attention to detail, the fusion of materials—it’s a masterpiece. Varatan’s commitment to artistry and nature shines through in every piece, making them a standout in my collection.

Sophia. L

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