What is Varatan?

Varatan is a blessing in the shape of God’s hand! We get reminded of positivity that connects with our inner strengths, whenever we see the ‘Hand of God’. We instantly know that ‘Everything is within. Our source of positive energy is within’

Keeping the spirit of design and shape in priority, each piece is designed and crafted to have intimacy and personal touch to it for whoever saw it, wherever. The Divine space is filled by adding compositions that evoke a thought or simply touch an emotion. Each piece tells a meaningful story!

In this art form, the stones are painstakingly inlaid by highly skilled craftsmen, combining creativity to create magnificent pieces for future generations to inherit.

Bees & Bamboos

Mother & Child

Archana mittal - Director of Varatan


Our sole vision is to promote Indian Luxury Art worldwide. We have each piece uniquely designed under great craftsmanship and our purpose is to make that value and craftsmanship reach globally.

To this powerful and enduring symbol of protection, I let creativity and intelligence have fun, thus touching an emotion or evoking a thought a true blessing!


Art pieces at Varatan have one thing in common, they reflect our real selves to us. They give us a feeling of self-confidence. Everything is within us. We want to take this feeling and make people aware of it- Worldwide

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